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My Tanks (Lars Österdahl)

(download PDF or PDF sheet with drawings only)

All my tanks are built according to the same general principle known as 'slanting front'. Fig 1 shows the principal form of the terrarium. The front glass rests in a plastic H-profile that rides on a lower glass strip, and its upper edge overlaps the upper glass strip by c:a 2 cm. There is no H-profile to hold the upper edge of the front glass. It can therefore be simply lifted away, or slid to either side.

Fig 2 is a photo of the terrarium before bottom material, plants etc are put in.

Fig 3 and 4 are close-ups of the bottom construction. Two glass panes form a V-shaped false bottom. The edges of these glasses are kept at a c:a 1mm distance from the sides of the tank by means of small pieces of black plastic tubings. When the 'V' is filled with LECA, water can trickle down into the lower part. Three walls, making a shallow 'pond', is part of the front half of the V-shaped bottom.

Fig 5 shows the lower part with the LECA-pebbles in place.

Fig 6-9 are drawings with measurements (in mm).

A number of holes, for fans, spotlights, and for water Nozzles are drilled before the terrarium is glued together.

The reflector (aluminium) normally contains two fluorescent tubes. It opens directly into the tank (no glass, no netting). Originally though, I intended to have the opening under the reflector covered with plexi-glass, for better UV transparency. The ballast is normally mounted under the bottom of tank as a heat source.

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