Svenska Dendrobatidsällskapet



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Norwegian Springtail Culture

(download PDF)

Norwegians are not permitted to have Poíson Dart Frogs, but their springtail cultures are superb!

You need (Fig 1)

  • Plastic boxes (candy-type)
  • Charcoal ("grillcoal")
  • Cous-cous

(and, of course, starter cultures of springtails)


  1. Rinse charcoal in water. Heat the pieces in microwave oven, if mites are suspected.
  2. Cover bottom of plastic box with small parts of the charcoal. Put some larger pieces of coal on top (Fig 2).
  3. Sprinkle with water. Allow ca 1 cm of water on bottom.
  4. Put in some springtails. Give them a few grains of couscous.
  5. Put lid on (no air holes). Store in 20-22°C.
  6. Look after the culture(s) once a week. Give them more couscous when needed.
  7. After som weeks the larger pieces of charcoal should have plenty of springtails on them (Fig 3). To feed the frogs, take out two of the large charcoal pieces and knock dem against each other in the viv.
  8. When (if) mites occur in a culture, just put the whole box within the viv and the frogs will take care.