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The "Cutting Edge" Evaporimeter

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Evaporation depends on air temperature, wind, and humidity. It can be argued that, for the frogs, the evaporation is a more relevant factor than humidity.

1. From a hole in the roof of the terrarium hangs a piece of dry kitchen cloth in a nylon thread. 2. An ultrasonic fogger delivers fog through the hole. The fog will wet the cloth. 3. After a while the cloth has absorbed water, thereby becoming heavier. This turns off the fogger. The water in the cloth will start to evaporate. When the cloth has lost enough water it will be lighter, and the fogger will turn on again.
4. The main components of this hi-tech gadget as seen from the upper side. A micro-switch with a prolonged arm is 'weighing' the cloth. The micro-switch operates a relay that runs the fogger. It also starts a fan that forces the fog down into the terrarium. 5. A schematic view of the glass box that contains the fogger. Please observe that the electrical wiring is left out, as is the relay. The glass box is normally wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent algae growth.

Note 1: Different micro-switches have different mechanical characteristics. You need to experiment with the length of the 'arm' and the size of the cloth to get the functionality you want.

Note 2: If your aesthetic feelings are hurt by the piece of kitchen cloth, it can easily be cut in the form of a leaf or a butterfly.

Note 3: If you have climbing frogs, remember to put a nylon netting in the hole in the top of the viv.