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Ranitomeya imitator Varadero
Ranitomeya imitator Varadero

The Swedish Society for Dendrobates

Welcome on Sweden's largest (and only?) Internet forum dedicated solely to poison dart frogs. This site and its forum are owned and maintained by the Swedish Society for Dendrobates (SDS), founded 1988. The society's major purpose and goal is to support the Swedish poison dart frog hobby and to inform about these fascinating animals and their care in captivity. Unfortunately, the information that can be found on is – with very few exceptions – exclusively available in Swedish. This holds, of course, for the forum as well. Therefore, the current page provides a short presentation of SDS in English, should anyone be curious enough to find their way to this place.

SDS has given itself four major objectives, namely to

  • maintain this Internet site, which consists of a forum and a collection of information pages,
  • publish the the periodical Pilgiftaren twice a year,
  • organize two national meetings per year (usually in March and November), whose programme consists of talks and a fair for trading frogs, plants, and equipment,
  • organize tours to major frog-related events within Europe (if possible).

In addition, we try to be present on all major reptile and amphibian related events in Sweden.

SDS is a small but surprisingly active society which, at the time of this writing, consists of approximately 120 members. The forum has slightly more than 300 registered users. Volume 0 of Pilgiftaren, which appeared in 1991, featured an article by Douglas Potter about Dendrobates histrionicus and D. lehmanni. A few weeks ago (in October 2012), the anniversary volume 50 appeared; at the same time, the work on volume 51 was started. Anyone who wishes to get an impression about the contents of Pilgiftaren is welcome to have a look at this page, which might provide some interesting information, despite being written in Swedish.

The current board of SDS can be found here. To get in contact with the board, please use the e-mail address styrelse at pilgift dot se.

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