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Culturing Drosophila

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A good regimen for culturing drosophila is a must for a Poison Dart Frog enthusiast. If you have only a few frogs, or are short of time, you should probably go with ready-made substrate - and with disposable containers. If, on the other hand, you want to have your own recipe, or do not want to fill garbage bins with disposable plastic, the pictures here might be of some help.

1. What we need. Wet ingredients (Water, beer, bananas, syrup...) 2. Dry ingredients (Oats, potato flour, brewer's yeast...)
3. Containers, lid material, rubber bands, excelsior ("tree wool") 4. Mix the wet ingredients. A hand-held mixer is good. While mixing, add the dry ingredients. Adjust the water content.
5. Pour the porridge into the containers, 2-3 cm in each glass. 6. Add the excelsior (or cardboard)
7. Put lid on and secure with a rubber band. If you use kitchen cloth you may have to wet it to make it softer.

ATTENTION! If you have made more cultures than you need for the moment, you can put some in the freezer at this stage.

8. Place in microwave oven. Bring to boil.
9. After letting the bottles cool down, add flies. Label with date. 10. Place in a tilted position in your fly room. Wait 10 days (melanogaster) or 20 (hydei).

Unfortunately, that is not all there is to it. You have to wash out the residuals after the cultures have been harvested. Using high and narrow culture vials means that a normal dishwasher does not work very well, unaided.

11. So, find a brush like the one in the picture. Cut off the handle to make the brush fit into an electric screwdriver, 12. and voilá! you can now eliminate the hard residuals in the vial without much sweat.
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