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Drilling Glass

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Large holes should be drilled before gluing the tank together, and is best done by a professional glazier. Small holes can be drilled after the vivarium has been made, using an electric drill. The machine should be held in a stand so that the drill is kept in exact position. Set the machine to lowest speed and apply only light pressure.

1. Circular diamond glass drills are available in sets with different diameters, i.e. 3-10 mm. 2. Water is used as cooling agent. A piece of adhesive tape on the underside of the glass prevents glass from falling into the tank.
3. When the tank is too big to fit into the drill stand at its normal position, the stand can be hung upside down e.g. from a table (use a clamp like shown in the picture). In this way the holes can be drilled at any distance from the edge of a side. 4. Drawing showing how drill stand is clamped to a table.