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Customizing Pet Boxes

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Pet-boxes are good for keeping froglets; for quarantine purposes etc. However, the lids are not well suited to the needs of dart frogs - too many air-holes, making it difficult to keep the high humidity needed. Cutting away the perforated part of the original lid as described here, can make a more practical lid.

  1. Start in the corners. With a fine-toothed handsaw cut through the corner parts.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut through the 'spines' at the sides.
  3. A pair of scissors can also be used
  4. The central part is thrown away, leaving you with a 'frame' that fits snugly around the rim of the box.
  5. Find a sheet of thin plastic (the type used by shop-owners to cover their out-door posters is good) and mark a rectangle, using the pet-box as a template.
  6. Cut out the new cover.
  7. The piece of plastic should fit inside the 'frame'.
  8. And, Viola! You are done!

If you feel that you need air holes for ventilation, use a drill bit well cooled in the freezer. See corresponding pictures on the left.

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