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A Simple Cricket Trap

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When you feed pinhead crickets to your frogs, there is a risk that some of them will hide themselves from the frogs and, if they grow too big to be eaten, they can pose a threat to the frogs. Crickets that escape in the apartment are a nuisance, especially when they sing at night. Unless you have a house Gecko loose, you will need to catch such escapees by other means. The vacuum cleaner is useful, but may not be workable within the terrarium. You cannot use poison and a simple trap may then be the solution.

  1. You need: a piece of wood about 10x20cm, plus a piece of mosquito-net; the old sort with threads that you can remove is the best.
  2. Cut the net as shown in the picture. Remove threads from the narrow end of the net, so that the "warp" threads stand out for about 10mm.
  3. Using a stapler, make a funnel-shaped entrance at one end of the bottom piece.
  4. Turn the rest of the net over, and fasten it to the sides of the bottom.
  5. The entrance funnel as seen by a cricket. Note the "fingers" that a cricket easily presses through when going into the trap.
  6. The finished contraption. The inner end is held closed by a strong rubber band. This is where you open up the trap to put in a piece of bread, and to shake out the captured insects. Make a few small openings in the net if you want smaller crickets to be able to escape.

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