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Catching Flying Fruitflies

(download PDF)

1. Put a clear plastic bag over the opening of a glass jar. 2. Fix it with a rubber band and cut off the bottom of bag. 3. Turn bag funnel-wise into jar, insert bowl with banana and yeast, and wait for flies to get trapped.
4. Make a sieve-tube to fit your vacuum cleaner. The tube has a small opening in the bottom end to diminish the suction from the vac, and a wire mesh halfway up, preventing flies to get sucked into the vac. 5. Place sieve-tube in vac inlet. 6. Insert the tube into the fly-trap to collect flies.
7. Hold hand over opening to prevent flies from escaping, empty sieve-tube into glass jar containing a small amount of vitamin powder. Shake. 8. The powder makes the flies unfit for flying. 9. Shake portions of flies into terrarium. The flies will be easy prey as they are walking around trying to rid themselves of the vitamin dust.