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The Ant Sucker

(download PDF)

The battery driven Table Vacuum Cleaner is a useless tool for its original purpose. It can, however, easily be converted into a helpful tool for collecting small ants for your frogs.

  1. Make a short and preferably pointed nozzle instead of the tube that is delivered with the machine. I made mine out of rubber; it can easily be inserted into crevices and narrow corners.
  2. With the batteries fully loaded, find the ant colony you want to plunder.
  3. Lift the flat stone that covers it and suck in ants, eggs, larvae and pupae.
  4. When the antsucker is full, empty it into a glass jar and put a lid on it.

The jar with its mix of ants and soil will last for a long time, providing a valuable 'extra' for your frogs. Please note that the ants you should collect are in the Myrmecinae subfamily (Tetramorium is my favorite). Dart frogs do not eat ants in the Formicinae group. Also the Formicine will not live long in a closed jar, since they produce too much acid.

PS In the non-ant season you can use the Antsucker to impress on your work-mates: Just show them some interesting suck marks in odd places of your body.

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